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November 10, 2017



Don’t mind my rambuncious pup. The only thing he hates more than coming inside from roaming the backyard is not being included in a selfie. His name is Leo and he’s the big puppy in my dynamic duo of doodles. Maggie is my little one who’s the sworn protector of our house and never forgets to remind Adam and I that the train that passes our neighborhood around 8 pm every night is terrifying and deserving of a 10-minute howl. This is my life and I’m so excited to share it with you! Welcome.

I’m a creative soul

whose love of dogs, a good glass of wine and laughing with friends defines my idea of a perfect day. Most of the time you can find me splashing a new paint color on my walls at home or falling in love with the home decor section at Target. My heart constantly yearns for Chick-fil-A and chocolate milkshakes, but I’m always on a new health kick (for a few days at least).

My true joy in this life comes from capturing moments you’ll look back on for generations to come and making you laugh along the way. Aside from my being a photographer, I’m known for my spontaneous antics, facial expressions and being the girl to interact more with the dog than the people at the party.





Whether I'm at a lush garden or a cool distillery taking of love, follow along with me to see what I value--and hope you do to!