Why Is Blogging Important For Your Business?

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No matter what field you're in, I'm sure you've heard people say again and again something along the lines of "BLOGGING IS EVERYTHING" and you're honestly probably pretty dang tired of hearing it. I was too and actually avoided it at all costs..."I'm not a writer", "Who cares what I have to say", "Blogging doesn't really matter THAT much, does it?". 

Well, the proof is in the pudding (what a weirdo phrase, but it works). Below are screenshots of my actual analytics from this past year. Take a wild guess when I started to get serious about blogging...and then guess when I threw it on the back burner to prep for baby. 

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Needless to say, you can see just how drastically blogging and adding new content to your site can impact your overall traffic. When I was blogging consistently, I was putting out 2-3 posts per week and promoting it not only on my site, but also my business and personal Facebook pages as well as my Instagram. You'll be amazed how well these little changes can work. Here's a weekly example from this past week when I hopped back on the blogwagon:

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So whether you're just starting your business or have had a handle on it for a few years, blog your little heart out because not only can this drive direct traffic to your site, but it can also give you content to post across all of your social media platforms to gain new eyes on your page. Lastly, if you're still not convinced, just remember that every little word you type on your blog or website gives you SEO points. Use lots of keywords like industry terms, locations, links, etc. to really give your site an overall boost and therefore reach more people! Easy peasy!


If you're looking for some inspiration on how to get started,

these are some of the people I've followed to get my blog and business game going:

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