Stephanie's Headshots #GIRLBOSS | Ault Park, Cincinnati

I met Stephanie a few weeks ago through Facebook and as soon as we started chatting, I could tell she was a super fun and outgoing person that I could instantly connect with. We met up at Ault Park (I know, I know, I love this place too much) and took some awesome new headshots.

The one thing that she said that stuck with me was how she wanted to be different--"the approachable CFO". This concept made me love her even more because I can totally relate (on a much smaller level of course haha). Being the lead of a company is tough work and being the face of it is even harder. Letting your approachability show through in your headshots is SO important to gaining new clients and building that trust from the get-go.

Needless to say, she rocked her session > Just look at these gems. And...she wore my favorite colors--maroon and navy, so how could I not swoon over these.

Thanks so much Stephanie for letting me capture the fun-loving boss lady you are! Keep on keepin' on.