Wedding Budgets: What to Splurge on to Get Awesome Pictures


If you guys have been following me for the past few months, you know I've just started the process of planning my own wedding and boy is it overwhelming!

We're on the hunt for the perfect venue, picking out our details, and finding awesome bands all while trying to keep an eye on the budget. Plus, the photographer in me is dreaming of the picture perfect, blog-able wedding with all the dreamy details, which directly counteracts the saver in me yelling at me everytime I get a quote from a vendor. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

So, when you're on a budget, what are some things to splurge on to make your wedding look top-notch without the top-shelf price tag? Here are a few things that, as a photographer, I know make the biggest impact on how your wedding day looks:

1. Chairs

Now, this one may sound silly (people are just gonna be sitting in them, right?). But, forking out a little more on Chiavari chairs versus white garden chairs upgrades the look of your wedding instantly and makes the whole shindig seem more elegant. Not only do you get those blog-worthy ceremony shots, but then the reception looks like something out of a magazine, too.

3. Flowers

Besides being the one thing you hold ALL DAY and that's in ALL of your photos, your flowers adorn your reception space and make it your own. Whether you're down for the all greenery, garden vibe or want that extra special punch of color on your wedding arbor, your florals really set the stage and are well worth the extra money.

4. Dress

Okay, ladies. This one is a no-brainer, right? If you're going to spend your money on one thing, let it be your dress. This is your one day to feel like a princess and your family will be looking at these photos for years to come, so make sure you're in something you absolutely love!

5. A Bright Bridal Suite

Getting ready pictures are often some of the most fun, nervous, silly, candid moments you'll see all day and having a bright and airy space to put on your dress just makes it really shine. Take into consideration where you'll be getting ready because a brighter location will lend itself to awesome pictures of your last moments before 'I do'.

6. Photographer

I'd be mistaken if I didn't mention that in order to get good pictures, you need a professional photographer. I know how tempting it is to have a college friend who took some photography classes use their DSLR to shoot your wedding, but after everything else is done for the day, the only thing you have left to relive it is your memory and your photographs. Make sure you do your research to find the perfect photographer for you. It's definitely an investment, but a very worthy one at that.