So, this weekend was a doozie. Friday was so dang nice, I took off work an hour early to get some extra outdoor play time with the pups (and have a glass of my favorite wine of course). It was also my two-year anniversary with Adam and I was stoked to be going to a surprise location dinner later that night. So, I got ready, spent some time outside and ended up on YouTube watching choreographed dances to Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' until Adam got home. No shame.

Once I heard the garage door go up, he walked in and went right down to our basement...weird. He always comes in and says 'hi' before setting his stuff down and settling in for the night. "Oh well, he's probably just rushing so we make our reservation." I thought. Ten minutes later, all dressed up, he comes upstairs with our Goldendoodle pup, Leo (I use pup loosely because he's a 75 lb, 11-month-old "puppy") and asks if I've given him any love today. I never turn down a chance to pet my pups, so I called Leo over and rambunctiously rubbed his ears until he made his comfy grunty noises and wagged his tail uncontrollably. Then, I stopped...he had a string around his neck..."Is this really happening"...."Just act like you didn't notice it"... feels the ring..."okay, yeah, this is happening". Adam could tell I was being weird and in his nervous guy voice says, "This is happening haha stand up".

After convincing my tingly legs to support me enough to get off the couch, he got down on one knee and started in on his spiel. "Two years ago today, I fell in love with you..." -- I didn't hear the rest. My heart was racing and I couldn't believe this was real.

"Will you marry me?". > Of course, I had to be a tad snarky and say a quick and joking "NO!...Just kidding. Of course!".

Ring on hand, we are officially starting this new chapter in our lives and I couldn't be happier. Now to dust off those Pinterest wedding boards and get to work :)

Do you have a cute or funny engagement story? I'd love to hear it!

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