To First Look or Not to First Look?

I have a lot of brides that are on the fence about a first look because they're really wanting that magical moment of their groom seeing them for the first time walking down the aisle, but also want an opportunity to take the majority of their pictures before the ceremony and be able to go right to the reception afterwards. 

Either way they decide, they'll get beautiful images and have an amazing day, but for those of you ladies thinking of doing a first look, here's some perks >

Here are a few benefits to having a first look on your big day:

1. Timeline

Having a first look allows you to have all of your bridal party, individuals, and couple images finished before the ceremony which let's you get right to your reception after family formals following the ceremony. This is especially good for those with large families who's family formals may take some time or brides who want to have a wedding later in the day. If you're getting married later in the day, I always suggest a first look in order to get the best light for your bridal party and couple session :)

2. An Intimate Moment

It may seem like some of the magic is lost if the first time you see each other isn't walking down the aisle, but with my first looks, I always find an intimate space for you and your groom to meet. I clear away all the other distractions and move the bridal party back to create an intimate setting for you and your groom. You'll get all the time you need to spend in that moment together before we come in to take bridal party images. 

3. More Images

Your first look before the ceremony will always give you more images at the end of the day. Usually, during this time after getting ready and before the ceremony, there's enough padded time in the timeline, that it feels fairly relaxed and we get more time to photograph just you and your husband-to-be prior to the 'I do's'. Also, with every couple, I'll take you outside after you eat dinner and everyone else is finishing up to get some gorgeous golden hour sunset images of just the two of you (light permitting). 

Lastly, and definitely not least, CREATIVITY!

You can do some seriously awesome stuff for your first look that you and your husband will remember forever. This is one of my favorite ideas I've come across recently...genius! >>

If you'd like to chat more about first looks or are looking for a wedding photographer, shoot me a message and I'd love to chat!

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