How to Choose a Bridal Suite

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Getting ready photos are sometimes the most quirky and fun photos to take besides the ones with the entire bridal party later in the day. Why? Because this is the time when the bride is with her friends, the groom is with his friends and they're RELAXED. Usually, there's some mimosas, joking around and jumping on the beds during this time and it's a blast to photograph. 

When you're choosing the best spot to get ready, always think about light and space. Some of the best pre-wedding shots I've taken have been in spaces with huge windows, open concepts or large hotel suites (that tend to have large picture windows and light walls). You'll want ample space to spread out all the dresses, makeup, hair products, shoes, jewelry and your dress. It's also important to have enough room to get your dress ON and photograph it beautifully while your mom and bridesmaids help out. These are truly memorable photos that can be botched in an instant with a closed, dark space with no elbow room. 

Just think of it this way, pick a space that you feel calm and able to move easily in as well as one that, if you looked in a mirror, you could see well enough to do your own makeup. These are good rules of thumb to stick by to ensure your photos are light, airy and gorgeous :)

P.S. Some brides choose to find a cool photography studio near their ceremony site to get ready because those ALWAYS have good light, big windows and sometimes even let you rent beautiful vintage furniture that enhances your photographs ten fold.

xoxo Anastasia

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