Who Inspires Me: My Favorite Ladies to Learn From

Are you ever sitting on your couch at one AM binge watching YouTube videos (you know you do) and come across someone that instantly turns you into a loyal follower? 

Been there, done that and these are the ladies below I've found that inspire me to improve my photography on the daily.

Since starting my photography business and literally having zero clue how to do it, I've done countless hours of research on marketing, tutorials, gear hauls, lighting, posing, and outfits (praise the Google machine for its infinite knowledge). You name it, I've researched it. And, during those long hours of scouring the interwebs for some legit info that could propel my business forward, I've come across a few people who I can't help but love.

Through their stories and tutorials, I've learned a mountain of tips, tricks and techniques to feel more empowered to keep going. I hope you find them just as inspiring :)

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1. jana williams

She's my new favorite and is a "focus and recompose" girl just like me :) With her down-to-earth, Southern personality and awesome tutorials, she's a must see for anyone hoping to learn more on YouTube.

2. Jasmine Star

J Star is a fun and quirky lady who's lame jokes and awkward comments speak to my soul. I've taken her 'The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience' on CreativeLive.com and absolutely love her live videos explaining her techniques while on a real shoot.

3. Amy and Jordan Demos

Ahh the married photogs :) These two are the cutest and their blog and online courses are jam packed with info broken down so anyone can learn it easily. I love their light + airy style and the fact that they don't use presets to do their editing.

4. Jenna Kutcher

Jenna was my first go-to gal in the wedding blogger/inspiration realm. She has really helpful blog posts regarding how to start and boost your business. Her newsletter also has some fun freebies on the reg AND she fosters puppies! < LOVE HER.

5. Nadia Meli

I love Nadia because she's SO dang genuine. Her vlog is filled with not only tutorials, but real life topics that give you great insight into the life of a wedding photographer. You can get a really good feel for what goes on behind the lens with this gal. Not to mention, she's a tell-it-like-it-is Italian gal who encourages you to think for and be yourself, which makes me love her even more!

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