Top 5 Favorite Wedding Venues So Far

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

So, I've been to a lot of weddings in my day either as the photographer or a guest and each venue I visit never ceases to amaze me. I know a lot of you out there are planning a wedding and looking for that perfect venue, but how do you reaaaallllyyy know which ones to choose?

We'll today, I wanted to give you a run down of my top 5 favorite venues based on size, light, location and beauty. 


1. Rolling Meadows Ranch (Lebanon, Ohio)

This past weekend was my first visit to this brand new location nestled in the woods of Lebanon, Ohio. With its expansive barn, gorgeous lights, huge windows, classic details AND the rolling fields with tons of amazing spots for photos, this location stole my heart. It was amazing for a fall wedding and I can only imagine it's a gem in any season.


2. Drees Pavillion at Devou Park (Covington, KY)

If you're near Cincinnati and looking for a breathtaking view for the setting of your big day, this is the place for you. Set at the peak of this beautiful park, the reception and ceremony location are to die for. Also, the interior of the pavillion is HUGE and can easily hold a large wedding. As a photographer, I love this location because not only is it naturally gorgeous, but no matter the weather, the floor to ceiling windows let in so much light, you're guaranteed to get amazing photos.


3. Krohn Conservatory (Mt. Adams, OH)

Natural and ethereal are some serious terms that come to mind when I think about a wedding at this landmark location in Cincinnati. Surrounded by Eden park and the always beautiful Mt. Adams, this timeless location provides you with the perfect "outdoor" spot without the worry of weather concerns on your big day. You'll get amazing nature-inspired photos and none of the rain or cold. It can get pretty steamy in the summer, but for a fall or winter wedding, this place is the perfect go-to for the earthy bride.


4. Cincinnati Art Museum (Mt. Adams, OH)

This one holds a special place in my heart. I've been going to the art museum since I was a child and have fallen head-over-heels in love with it. This venue has so much character and a double grand staircase that would make any princess weak in the knees. I also adore their courtyard for receptions which also offers a tent top cover for bad weather (I love having a plan 'B').


5. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park (Cleves, OH)

A few weeks ago, I saw this amazing venue for the first time. It had so many nooks and crannies throughout the park, I couldn't believe it! The day I was there, there were five....and i repeat FIVE wedding happening the same day. Each corner of the park has a unique venue space that has its own vibe, complete with both indoor and outdoor areas. If you're looking for something fun, outdoors and off the beaten path, check out this cool location for you big day!

And that's it! My top 5 favorite locations that I've shot at so far. If you have a favorite spot, leave it in the comments below. I love having some options to throw out to undecided brides :)

xoxo, Anastasia

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