So, It's Raining on Your Wedding Day. Now what?

The top fear my brides tend to have is: What if it rains? What if the weather is bad? What if it's too cold to take photos outside?

Let me put your fears to rest.

Yes, it may rain. Yes, you could be on the verge of turning into a popsicle because of the cold. No, you won't miss out on any amazing photos :)

How can this be true? One word.


Before your wedding day, I'll check the forecast and, if it looks like bad weather, I'll contact you and talk about alternate plans, attire, locations, etc. I will also be scouting out your venue a few days beforehand (if your location is within driving distance) to see exactly what the light is doing and where we can easily do all the different types of photos if need be.

On a side note, I'm a fan of umbrella shots and will bring different kinds with me the day of so we can venture outdoors and get some photos even in the least ideal weather, if only for a moment :)

The biggest disservice I could do to you would be to not have a plan in place.

If we have to shoot indoors and the light is poor, my off-camera flash system will do anything we need it to to get awesome images. We'll use any natural light we can since I'm a natural light photographer, but if none is available, we're more than covered :)

On your wedding day, my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible and for the day to move as flawlessly as it can. I've been to so many weddings as a photographer, I've seen just about anything and everything that could go wrong. With this experience, I can say, no worries. 


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