Sign Me Up : Why I Started an Email List

Sometimes I sit here at my desk just staring at my computer. I'm at a total loss of what to write, how to say it, and wondering if anyone will even read it.

Starting my business and blog this year has been an amazing adventure, but also an amazing challenge. I knew three things:

1. I wanted to connect to people.

...not just on social media or my blog, but TRULY connect and meet them in person if I could. As a designer by day, I'm often locked behind my computer, so great conversations with new people is right up there on the top of my wish list.

2. I have ideas...and lots of them.

But, how do I get them out to people? I've always loved teaching people and helping them in whatever endeavor calls their name. I saw this blog as a great way to share what knowledge I have and could have to other aspiring photographers and creatives as well as give clients a little peek into my brain (scary, right?).

3. I wanted to grow.

Taking a leap into being a business owner is a scary thing. Let's be real, I had no idea how to even start a business let alone make it into a viable career. I spent most of this year asking everyone I knew that had a business just how they did it (shoutout to my boyfriend's Dad for walking me through so much on the business end). But, despite all my fears, I knew I had to grow my audience to make my dream of being a wedding photography a reality. Through all of my research I found a resounding theme:

have an email list

Me? Have an email list? I couldn't even populate a Twitter feed often enough to justify having one. What would I say? Who would even read it?

So I started one.

And, even though it's still in the baby stages of existence, it's growing. My main goal in 2017 is to grow this baby to at least teenager size and create some kick-ass content for my subscribers.

This brings me to my point (As you can see, I can turn into a rambler) :

If you're just starting your business or have had one for a while, the BEST and most effective way to grow whether you have a physical location or online store, is growing your email list. Not only will this give you a platform other than your blog to reach out to other business owners, prospective clients and loyal customers, it will give you a reason to show up for your business. 

It's basically a domino effect in my opinion.

You make a list. It starts to grow. You put out monthly content. Someone starts reading. You put out more content. You get a lead. That lead becomes a customer. You put out more content. That customer has a great experience and shares your content. You get new customers.

This cycle creates a loyalty circle within your business. People will know you have great ideas, professional knowledge and sometimes even some fun promotions.

If you're struggling to build you email list or just want a nudge in the right direction on where to start, I'd love to chat.

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