Off on a Big Jet Plane!

Hiya, Beautiful!

Today I'm posting this from a far far away land. Okay, let's be real, I scheduled this post a few days before I left, buy hey. 

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, right? Here goes...

So a few months ago, Adam's parents threw out the idea of taking the kids and their SOs on a "mystery vacation". Weird concept right? Well, the idea was that they would plan and book our vacation, we would get our passports packed in our bags and we'd show up at the airport to be whisked off to an undisclosed location. Voila! Instant jet setter.




I think the furthest I've ever traveled is Vegas...for work. So to me, this wasn't even close to real life. 

Needless to say, if I could guess, I'm currently lounging at a swim up bar drinking a Bahama Mama (Because I'm classy like that).

BUT,  I didn't wanna leave you guys hangin'. So here's one of my most favorite dog videos that may or may not be similar to my situation after I return fat and happy from this all-inclusive (YOLO am I right?).


I'll be posting some vacation photos as soon as I get back on U.S. soil. Stay tuned and have an awesome week!

xoxo Anastasia

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