Birthday Wishes + Reflecting on 24

Another year brings another birthday and so on and so on. But this year, I turn 25 (literally today) and it's more than just getting that shiny new license with an undoubtedly higher weight since you first started drinking at 21, womp! This past year was the first year I've really been me. Jumping feet first into photography, starting a business, BUYING A HOUSE (whoa, calm down there you adult you.), getting a puppy, starting a new job... Feeling overwhelmed yet, haha. Yeah, so was I. 

As you can see, there's be a lot of roller coaster changes in my 24th year and, starting in on 25, I can honestly say I feel good. That's actually pretty hard for me to admit. I've always been on this endless search for the next big, over-the-moon thing: that thing that will bring me happiness and peace. And, you know what, I think I've finally found it. 

I'm not saying photography is my whole being and I'm not saying wine didn't help through the struggly spots, but between the relationships, growth and laughter with friends, it all feels like "Yeah, I could do this forever."

I know some of you out there are around my age and stumbling just like I am through this thing called adulthood (Why did we ever wanna grow up?), but you're not alone. The journey never really ends or calms completely, but all we can ask of ourselves is to drink up, buckle up and show up.

So, for my birthday this year, I'm wishing for a year full of life. Whatever that means, whatever that brings, I hope to receive it with an open heart and my loved ones by my side.

Also, I'm wishing all of you a FANTASTIC year, awesome holiday season with your families and continued growth in your relationships and endeavors. You deserve it. Go get it!

...okay, someone grab me a tissue...who am i??

Have a good one, guys!

xoxo, Your Friend, Anastasia

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