Real Talk: 10 Fun Facts About Me

Hey, boo. Can we be totally real for a second?

In this day and age, sometimes our social media accounts and online presence become more of who we are than the fact that we're actually real human beings. So, in the spirit of being a real person and showing some self-lovin', I wanted to dish out some quirky and funny facts about little ol' me. 

I know it may seem all white space and pretty wedding flowers over here, but honestly I'm just the horror film obsessed, dog video watching redhead next door.



1. My favorite Disney movie since the dawn of time is the 'Little Mermaid' because she's a fellow ginger kid and lover of the sea.


2. Adam and I are OBSESSED with candle stores and shamelessly sniff each and every scent. Seriously...don't let us anywhere near White Barn once the Christmas scents are in stock.


3. Slipping into my PJ's within 45 seconds of walking in my door every day is a must. Ain't nobody got time for uncomfortable clothes.


4. I have a strange amount of anxiety when talking on the phone which I undoubtedly inherited from my Grandpa. 


5. Painting walls is my favorite past time. I'm not willing to admit how many layers of paint my walls currently support. But hey, a little change up never hurts.


6. Speaking to my dogs in a voice similar to that of Stitch is a pretty common occurrence in our household. And yes, they talk back.


7. I only cook one signature dish: Sweet Potato Casserole at Thanksgiving and DAMN, it's good!


8. My wardrobe solidly consists of black shirts, anything maroon, skinny jeans and dog hairs lovingly left by our golden doodle pup, Leo.


9. I'm a badass bowler. Cough, cough highest score was a 288 #highschoolvarsitybowlingcaptain


10. I love wine...wait that's not a secret...but anyways, drink up!


Bonus: My dream car is a turquoise pick up truck with white wall tires ;) Swoon!


What's your favorite quirky fact about yourself?

Don't leave a girl hangin'!

I know for a fact I'm not the only one here who loves Ariel, wearing way too much black and shamelessly talking like a baby to my dogs. 

Share your fun fact with me in the comments below :)

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